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Web Maintenance or Web Updates
( money well spent ! )


Sims Solutions Web Design, SEO and Graphics

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Providing a Viable
and Visible Website


Keep your website current, update and don't be stagnant.

We provide a Viable and Visible Website with necessary components such as Google My Business. A searchable website works like a giant dot to dot game.
The more dots that are connected or connecting continually the better you are in search. Sims Solutions custom web development enables the developer of code to connect the dots.

Sims Solution's goal is to work for your company long term. Our maintenance services can include simple website updates, additional pages (topics or categories, account administration for renewals, security features and or email, Seo Re-submittal for Inorganic (paid such as Ad Words) or the preferred Organic (free),
sub-directory or social media creation/update/submittal, and or Ecommerce Updates. We prefer to charge our clients an hourly wage verses charging monthly. If a client prefers a monthly maintance fee then we are happy to bill him monthly.

Sims Solutions also offers graphic design, private label design and Search Engine Optimization.

Melissa and staff our eager to please and we strive to provide excellance daily.

Sims Solutions prides itself on a Custom Web Appearance with Customer Service.
A website is a doorway for clients to determine if you offer what they need. Your competition is literally a click away.
Web Mainenance is a broad term for maintenance to the actual website content, related social directories or search engine availability.

Preferred Hourly Maintenance
Pay as you go maintenance equivalent to per hour = $45 an hour with a minimum one hour

Monthly Maintenance
equivalent to 10 changes = the fee associated would depend on what your website updates require

Review Maintenance (Recommended)
There are many moving parts to a web site and to check, evaluate and repair* these 10+ parts is a good idea. Every 6 months or less it is recommended to review the following components including but not limited too; Whois Info, Account, Security, Contact Form, Mobile, Server status, Sitemap Review, Internal/External links and Google Fetch/Crawl site per each category.

Sims Solutions offers Search Engine Optimization | www.simssolutionsww.com

Sims Solutions is a Woman Owned Business | www.simssolutions.com | www.simssolutionsww.com

Web Design Company | Web Development | Graphic Artist | www.simssolutions.com

Sims Solutions is a Historically Underutilized Business  (HUB)

Sims Solutions is a Woman Owned Business | www.simssolutions.com

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